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expression of displeasure or frustration used by the yoof. Shortening of vexed
"yoo got me vex, yeah?!"
"I'm vex!"
by Boudica Of Suburbia July 03, 2005
>Dudek; Doing the Dudek; the Dudek shuffle>

1)A silly dance involving putting your hands up in the air and wobbling like your legs are made of jelly.
2)A means of distracting people by dancing in a comedic way

Made famous by the crazy penalty shoot-out antics of Liverpool FC's Jerzy Dudek during the Champions League Final 2005. Spurned a minor chart hit "Du the Dudek" by The Trophy Boys.
"Look, that blokes doing the Dudek"
"Do the Dudek!"
by Boudica Of Suburbia July 04, 2005
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