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A bar game usually practiced amongst members of the armed services while travelling abroad. It is where a female barmaid is positioned underneath a table where men are playing cards and drinking. When she selects a patron to perform oral sex upon, the resulting 'smile' is indicated in the patron's expression of exuberance, which obligates him to purchase the rest of the male members a round of drinks.
"Hey, cuz, remember when we were playing that game of smiles in that Filipino bar?" Man, what a game face you had on that night!"
by BottomMover October 06, 2005
Derives from the German words, sheisse and geist. Literally, a shit-ghost or phantom shitter. This is a person who defecates outside of a proper facilty and in public places for the sole purpose of offending an unsuspecting passerby after such incident has taken place.
"Petty Officer Brown, did you hear the Captain's chair was hit by the sheistgeist while the ship was in port? The Captain has assigned a watch team in order to apprehend this malevolent perveyor of poop."
by BottomMover October 08, 2005
This is a phenomenon that occurs when you're jammin' on your burrito and the contents are ejected through the opposite end, falling into your lap. The cause is due to improper wrapping technique.
"Yo! Your bean burrito is all in your lap, ese. If homes had made it right, you would't have the burrito fallout!"
by BottomMover October 09, 2005

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