11 definitions by Bottom Ford, Esq

A state of burn-out suffered by the partners of David Byrne fans who think he’s funny for a couple of years but then only tolerate him out of love.
“If Bottom plays Little Creatures one more time I am going to get Byrned out.”
by Bottom Ford, Esq June 26, 2011
The social offense of wasting people’s time by blathering on for a whole paragraph when a short sentence would suffice.
“All I wanted to know was whether Bottom is still smoking. He wrote back a whole paragaffe about why it’s none of my business and smoking is not a problem for him.”
by Bottom Ford, Esq April 25, 2011
Swimwear with long sleeves and pants, like long johns, for swimming. Designed for sun protection and/or modesty.
Meet me in Hawaii. I’ll be the girl wearing swim johns.
by Bottom Ford, Esq December 12, 2010
1. The state or trait of being an asshole.

2. Success in following one’s bliss to such a state.
We find that tattoos with violent themes indicate ass wholeness.
by Bottom Ford, Esq April 19, 2012
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