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Some Air Force fuckwad that thinks that he is so smart and cool because he gets to put his name on the side of a jet which thinks the only way it is capable of flying his because of his hard work of sitting inside for 2 hours bitching about IMDS and then going out to his jet, taking off a couple of covers,jerking off the pilot,and waiving his hands in the air thinking that the pilot is really moving in the direction that he is telling him too. Once the pilot takes off he throws in a pinch of Skoal Wintergreen and walks down the flightline like he rescued the fucking President of the United States. Then 1.5 hours later he waives his hands in the air again and then sucks off the pilot for one last time of the day and then fuels it, changes a tire and pretends to look at the engine like he really knows what the fuck he is doing. Does this sound a little familiar to you civilians??? It should, it's the same job as the piece of white trash that works at your local gas station and fills up your car with gas, checks your fluids, and rotates your tires.
The asshole Air Force Crew Chief at Spot 3
by Bots4633 August 01, 2011
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