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2 definitions by Boto Chief

an MMA attack in which you jump into the air and grab the opponent by the head with all four of your limbs similar to a prize claw machine. Opponent could then be launched into the air or poked in the eye or slapped with your penis seeing as to how he will feel like a complete doushe
Jared: So how was your fight?

Tsuji: That was lame, i got flinged like a doushe.

Jared: Really? How?

Tsuji: He did a prize claw and slapped me with a cock
by Boto Chief February 05, 2009
MMA (mixed martial arts) fighting move where you have an audience member throw you a megaphone and you yell BOTO CHIEF!!! while punching them in the penis
Ash: hey tsuji whats up?

Tsuji: nothin much i gotta head to class

(someone throws ash a megaphone)

Ash: BOTO CHIEF!!! (punches tsuji in the dick)
by Boto Chief February 05, 2009