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A popular exploit of a glitch in some FPS video games wherein a player is able to scope in with a sniper rifle, shoot for a kill, then scope out almost instantly and without having to ensure the crosshairs are on the target. Gamers who have become dependent on the QS exploit for success have lobbied hard to developers, pleading that the QS should be kept in the game because it constitutes a 'style of play'. They base this contention for the most part on the notion that (by some accounts) it takes practice to become skilled at QS, though critics point out that the amount of practice it takes to master an exploit is hardly a good argument for keeping a glitch. The QS exploit is also popular because it easily allows for long kill-streaks and unlikely kills which more self-indulgent gamers in the community produce in montages for each other.
Oh man, it's completely unrealistic and contrary to the spirit of the game, but I've gotten very good at running around exploiting the quickscope glitch for fast, easy kills.
by Borodin September 16, 2011
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