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An extreme anger over a video game; commonly associated with World of Warcraft. While there are many nerds that rage over pixilated dragons and gnomes, the reddest nerd of them all is a narcissistic asshole named Antigalactic.
Stop nerd-raging, it's just a game.

The amount of nerd-rage in here is making me uncomfortable.

I was nerd-raging so hard I beat a puppy to death with a kitten.
by Borock oboma March 01, 2011
Jent as a name means a gentlemen of rather large cock. Usually a quiet but attractive man with the hidden secret of a large penis. Obviously this last name does not apply to women.
"You're a Jent aren't you? My daughter would love to meet you!"
by Borock Oboma February 01, 2013

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