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A pre-mating ritual, first utilised by the Duke of Earl. Said action is performed in multiple steps:

1. Stare at your target with a deep and ferocious gaze.

2. Rotate head in a circular manner as if letting a breeze through one's hair.

3. Place one hand on back at waist level.

4. Thrust pelvis fervently towards target. In a seizure-like way.

5. (Optional) Move head in quick random movements, much like a chicken.
Duke of Earl - "Damn, see my aunt over there. She's kinda hot."

Pretty Ricky - "Dude... She's your aunt"

Duke-y - "It's like my 2nd aunt or some shit, I'ma give her the 'Fuck Eyes'"
by BorkBorkBork! September 20, 2009
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