32 definitions by Boris

more stupid that a piece of sawn and dried timber
What sort of plank would do that !
by Boris August 05, 2003
anything that has to do with OMAR KUNTATIVE
youre such a gaymar.
you gaymar suckout.
thtas so gaymar.
by Boris January 27, 2005
Short for Ace Boon Coon - A very good friend (Southern particualr to the Carolinas and North Eastern Georgia)
He is my ABC I trust him!
by Boris December 13, 2003
a communist and a nazi, often self contradicting but his sole purpose is to destroy everything
for the motherland, for the fatherland
by boris July 29, 2003
The last name of a cute boy with weird mountains on his chin and an unusual slope on his nose. Usually wants to fuck you in the ass.
Hey look, there goes Kevin Lamb.
by Boris June 19, 2004
To have shit
i have logged on to my pants
by Boris March 19, 2004
A person of swedish descent
That Gelding got his ass kicked by the Germans.
by Boris March 04, 2005
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