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32 definitions by Boris

YJRB, or the "young joppa rough boys" is a group of urban hoodrats, who persist in annoying the portobello statesmen.
Shut up ya fudd, fae the YJRB
by Boris September 17, 2004
10 7
A Person who smokes a lot of blunts and drinks a lot of alcohol.
jane: wow that kid drank and smoked so much he died
john: he must have been a lil banchero
by boris September 17, 2003
4 1
Young Boris Crew, fae the streets of Moscow.
Im fae the YBC, ur mum is a cactus tree.
by Boris September 17, 2004
5 4
An OS that runs servers a lot more fucking stable than Windows. By the way Windows fucks, RH9 is pretty damn simple to install. You can try it, or you can be amazed at the pretty icons Windows offers you.
Linux > Windows
People who can't use Linux should have their computers confiscated.

By the way, I hate you all.
by Boris August 16, 2003
36 35
one with exceedingly long and uncontrollable limbs.Usually from the country
Richard and Sandy are the biggest gankles. or Richard and Sandy gankled it up before
by boris June 22, 2003
5 4
A boshpunt is either a very attractive person, or a complete idiot.
Look at that sweet boshpunt to your left
by boris March 03, 2005
1 2
Country that is totally obsessed with sex industries. Very scary place to live. lost 70% of its money to an ill thought up venture with shares in the German Brothel industry.
Skyland is strange
by boris October 14, 2003
2 3