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A French cognation of the verb aller (to go). In essence it means go. Used to express...well, go.
Va-t'en! (Go away!)
Va-t-il t'embrasser ce soir? (Is he going to hug/kiss me this evening?)
by Borg April 14, 2005
An extremely powerful assault rifle used by special forces and the U.S. military; it uses the 5.56 mm round. An M203 (grenade launcher) can be attached under its short barrel to cause maximum damage and doom. It is black with pink polka-dots and a lot of naked lumberjacks use them. Lumberjack slams are also delicious. They are eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, pancakes, and parsley. They taste slammingly tasty.
That stupid asshole was running down the hill when he tripped on a rock and the M4 Assualt Rifle he was carrying went off and shot a mailman.
by Borg November 27, 2004
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