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The down time spent in large institutional buildings by staff during periods when the building is not occupied. Typically experienced by university residence life staff during summer break. Refers to the scenes in the movie The Shining where Danny rides his trike through the deserted hotel.
Barry: Hey bro, what you doing now that students are gone for summer?

George: Not much man, playing Call of Duty 4, sleeping, watching Netflix... you know, just riding the trike.
by BoredRD June 13, 2013
Finding a homeless addict overdosed and dead in your doorway such that the corpse blocks entrance or exit unless said disease-ridden corpse is handled to move it. A common occurrence in Everett, wa.
Mr. Grivney: You're late again!
Hector: Sorry boss, I got Everett Door Stopped again, took 2 hours for the coroner to show up, and sure as hell wasn't getting Hep C moving him myself.
by BoredRD June 13, 2013

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