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Noun; An online 3-d chat in which you create your own 3-d avitar to chat with other people online. This would be a fun thing to have if it weren't for the fact that 79% of the people on there with female avitars were actually male in the real world.
Guy: Hey, my name's bob.
Hottybabe43: Hiii, i'm Jasmine.
Guy: Mind if i get a picture of you Jasmine?
Hottybabe43: Sry, my webcam is broken.
Guy: digital camera?
Hottybabe43: Sry, my computer is really messing up and nothing for pictures work.

Guy 1: So i was on imvu last night and i met this really hot chick.
Guy 2: So you got a picute?
Guy 1: No, but her avi was hot
Guy 2: Dude, you were flirting with a guy, you freaking homo.
by BoredNHigh January 06, 2009
A group that bases all of their commercials to get people to stop doing marijuana. Although the group is about ending all drug use, the main focus of their commercials is to end the use of marijuana. The only problem with their campaign is the commercials. The only people who watch more than the first 3 seconds of the commercial are 1: People who would never smoke in the first place would say the commercial is worth airing, 2: People who are already high and like watching the commercial with the talking dog, 3: Want to point out all the flaws with the commercial, or 4: Have no idea what the commercial is about until the last 2 seconds of it
Guy 1: I would never smoke weed, that "Above the Influence" commercial is right
Guy 2: I agree, now let's go play dungeons and dragons

Guy 1: Dude... There is a dog talking!
Guy 2: Whoa, that's awesome
Guy 3: Are there any cheetos left?

Guy 1: That commercial is so retarded
Guy 2: So really, they're saying that if you smoke, your dog will talk?

Guy 1: What's with the T-shirts?
Guy 2: Well, he's taking them off.
Guy 3: Now he's walking towards the door with that stupid arrow on his hoodie.
Guy 2: OH, ok, i get it, the shirts are like the burden that smoking gives him.
Guy 4: That's cool. Are there anymore cheetos left?
by BoredNHigh January 07, 2009

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