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What used to be a good site, has turned into a disaster. I used to tell myself they aren't a rip off of neo, but they are. It's like when mara comes out with something "new" it looks just like something from neo. Like Codestones on Mara are exactlly like secret stones on Neo. The staff members don't give a damn about the site what so ever, and the owner surely doesn't either. As long as he's getting Account Upgrade money that can take him on vacations, hes keeping the site. The forums are starting to turn perverted, even though this is mainly a childs website, which will eventually end up in a lawsuit from a parent. There is no point in the rules as nobody enforces them. And there are gliches ALL the time, don't think this is a reliable site. I mean, Mara-Halloween Came in November, because evidentlly his WHOLE ENTIRE team was sick. Oh please. Theres always an excuse, and never progress, never play on here.
Marapets used to be a good site, until the owner stopped being interested in running it, and more interested in spending the sites profits on himself.
by BoredMaraMember December 29, 2008

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