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a term used on 4chan.org to show that the individual approves of a post, or it's contents.
"You, my friend, win an internet for Millia Hentai"
by Border Patrol Man January 03, 2005
The other playable character in Tenchu 3(Other than Rikimaru and if you haven't unlocked Tesshin(?))
She's a ninja
she has a semi-tight top
and her pants show a bit of thigh
Therefore she's one sexy ninja.
"Ayame just sneaked up on that guy and slit his throat! PWN!
by Border Patrol Man October 22, 2004
A place in Internet mythology ruled by 7 liberal feminzazis. The place is ridden with bad roleplay, yaoi, transgender sex, pregnant men, too much love and femininst bullshit. Look away lest ye go mad.
Oh please, don't tell me this place is going to become a Wonderful Journey

Ugh, you act like you're from Wonderful Journey
by Border Patrol Man October 20, 2004
1.(v) To blindly charge at
2.(v) to attack in force, to use in force
3.(v) to raid (As in pillage/common tatic in online games)
1. After the Unknown Raven's AC had run out of ammunition, Cold Dragon bumrushed him with his MOONLIGHT.

2. Danei's missiles bumrushed the enemy MTs.

3. A common tatic in Starcraft is to bumrush your enemy with Zerglings, lots of them.
by Border Patrol Man November 19, 2004
1. The protagonist of the Wonderful Journey Myth. An online alias. He, as a real life person, should be a ninja, a badass one too, because he's survived the bullshit, the feminazi crap, and survived all the sickening mush,yaoi,transgender sex, pregnant men, and getting bitched at constantly by Kiki and Angie, He pwns

2. An Inuyasha fancharacter, who is a ninja.
"Daiko hears ya, Daiko don't care"

"Dude, Daiko just treated those zombies with his TATE skill"
by Border Patrol Man October 22, 2004
a FPS game for the Xbox, Sequel to Halo

Yes, I have both PS2 and Gamecube, and I'm here to break the stereotypes of "OMG all the people hating on Halo are Gamecube/PS2 owners!!!11!!1 omg lol internet"

I only played the first Halo once, and I liked it, a lot.

I recently went up to my brother's house in Utah, and he had Halo 2(No Xbox Live, sadly, but enough opponents for a 4 player multiplayer)

All I can say is that Halo 2 rocked my socks off

Then again, each Console has it's own shining gem in gaming.

And from what little hype I heard about Halo 2, It lives up to that.

Then again, I'm a sucker for anything remotely Sci-Fi, but Halo stood out in the "Sci Fi" Genre.

Xbox live would have made my experience even better.

Yes, I'll say that it's equal to sex.

Killzone is still the PS2's Halo killer though!
Killzone Looks just as great as Halo, I have yet to play it though


I win.
by Border Patrol Man January 05, 2005
Something the internet had before it became a distributor of porn
Nigga stole my bandwith!
by Border Patrol Man April 17, 2005

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