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The most famous multiracial celebrity ever-a human version of a melting pot, if you will. Born in Los Angeles, California, Slicknick has nothing but love for the Golden State. He is especially renowned for being an LA Lakers fanatic, proudly holding the record for watching every single Lakers preseason/regular season/postseason workout, game, and interview. He is also the best friend of MVP Kobe Bryant. Slicknick is one-fourth African-American, one-eighth Indian, and 62.5% everything else, which is why he is known as a human melting pot. However, slicknick appears as if he is a "white boy", and thereby acts as such. His blackness emerges when he plays basketball (He can jump really high, "yo", like Michael Jordan). He is rumored to have a particular affinity for Asian (or Azn) females (i.e. "yellow fever"). Above all of these qualities, Slicknick holds one distinction-as the Master Impersonator. He has the magical ability to imitate any individual on earth (and even individuals from other planets). In fact, no one knows what his actual voice sounds like. As dictated by a certain person named "Kevin", Brian's best friend is slicknick, but slicknick's best friend is not Brian. Slicknick has been named such due to his "slick" character. He is quite a laidback dude, "yo". Nevertheless, he maintains a very intellectual mind. Furthermore, Slicknick is a rather hard/persistent worker and studies in a diligent mannerer every single day. He is not lazy AT ALL*

*When absolutely necessary.^

^Ok, so not even then
rafat: whoa man
Slicknick Gallion: WHOA MAN! (in a voice ridiculously lower than that of rafat)

Dude: dude, what's your real voice?
slicknick: ...Blank....

slicknick: KOBE! righteous, gnarly, chyaa, totally, radical waves maaaaan, etc (everything that a typical Californian/Los Angelesian would say)

slicknick: (precisely imitates the guitar strumming of Tom Morello from Bulls On Parade)
Tom Morello: whoa man! Who's got GH3?

slicknick: (Azn music)
(every azn chick in the world comes running up to him)

by Borat Najahedari June 29, 2008

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Hispanic-Los Angeles-Texan celebrity known mainly for his moustache. Despite efforts by his fellow peers, he has yet to shave the 'stache. He bears a striking resemblance to "Pedro" from the feature film "Napolean Dynamite". He pretend like he "habla no espanol" but he actually does. He can speak Spanish really fast, like those commercial guys on the Hispanic radio station. He is also known for being a technology/computer/car genius. He is also known for pulling shenanagins on people (e.g. Tiffany aka "dumberer" the celebrity Azn). Also threatens people and sometimes carries out those threats (e.g. "Big Shot Rob" Lorenz). As discovered during prom, he can really dance and "get his groove on". Says "08" alot. Hates freshman. Hates rafat. Mostly known for the 'stache though.
abel molina: hey
Random guy: nice 'stache
Random guy 2: let's shave it off
abel molina: (Beats them up)
abel molina: 08! Hastla la cya!
Random guy 3: It's Hasta la vista, man. Don't act like you don't know spanish.
abel molina: Jódale y su madre. Yo no sé ningún español!
(Beats up Random guy 3, robs him, hijacks his car, GTA style, and starts shooting at stuff, does his pimp thing, etc)
by Borat Najahedari June 30, 2008

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