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Former heavyweight boxer and grill maker who was recently discovered to have no fingerprints due to a tragic accident in his early grill making life.
Former heavyweight boxer George Foreman, who has reached popularity again with his range of cooking appliances, was held by security for 4 hours at the Miami International Airport today.

Security would not allow Foreman, who had been doing promotion in Japan, back into the country as he could not provide the fingerprints required by federal law for entry. An accident over 15 years ago while using drain cleaner resulted in chemical burns to both his hands, and the loss of most of his fingerprints.

A spokesperson for the MIA, Terry Noble, said "It has been an unfortunate misunderstanding and the airport sincerely apologises to Mr Foreman." He also stated that a review of the procedures at the airport had been launched to prevent the situation arising again.
by Borange January 14, 2006
I have no idea what it means but apparently Gwen Stefani "aint" one.
Let me hear you say, this shit is bananas

A few times I've been around that track
So it's not just goin' to happen like that
Because I ain't no hollaback girl
I ain't no hollaback girl
by Borange April 08, 2005
The act of downloading more songs than one is actually planning to listen to.

This is usually done by people wishing to raise the number of songs on their ipod in an attempt to seem cooler than they actually are.
"Wow how did Gidaro get so many songs on his ipod"

"Well I suggested a good song to him and he went and downloaded every song that band has ever made"
by Borange July 05, 2005

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