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2 definitions by Borak

an appreviation of "Martin Luda King!".. often said in order to either 1) win a conversation. 2) to persuade someone 3) To riot 4) self defense 5) battle cry 6) to gain the right of way 7) correct answer
EXP1: I screamed MLK! when I was arrested, I later was acquited.

EXP2: When Bob threw the peanut-butter jar he exclaimed MLK! MLK! MLK!

EXP3: During the riot I heard fellow nigga rioters screaming MLK! MLK!

EXP4: Joe did not know the answer to the test, therefore he wrote MLK!

EXP5: When Joe realized that he was going the wrong way on I-95 he exclaimed "MLK! MLK! MLK" in order to obtain the right of way.
by Borak July 12, 2006
15 6
A number derived by typing in the word "nigga" into a ti-83+ calculator and pressing enter.it can be used to by white people to say "nigga" when it is unsafe to say nigga as to say when black people are around.
"You know what Joe you's a 40!"
by Borak July 12, 2006
33 89