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some surban kids that try to act hard listening to 50 but cross the street when they see a black person 50 ft. ahead.

6 out of the 7 days a week, they spend their day at the mall, mugging old people. they constantly go into stores but never buy anything. when they try to hit on someone, they ask for their instant messenger screen name or findapix.com name. the other day they spend talking all day oline talking like IdIoT.
(415)Bopper1:HeY MaNg, LeTS Go 2 STonEsTown tO lOoK aT ClotHes We CaNt BuY.
(415)Bopper2:FOrEaLZ ShAwTY,HoLLa!!! ThEn LeTs Go To CeNtURy tO lOOk At PeOpLe MakE OUt!!
(415)Bopper1:YEa I nEeD To PiCk Up sOme NeUtrAgEna aLSo.
by BopperKiller January 02, 2004
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