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A fan who probably questions her sexuality every day because of the girl band, Fifth Harmony. Harmonizers are really into twerking and the idea of watching Camila Cabello's X-Factor audition tapes. They also tend to ship the girls together (Camren, Norminah, Caminah, Camally, Dimon, etc.) They rage/cringe/pry when they hear LYLAS or 1432. Most Harmonizers have Twitters, Tumblrs and no life. Dinah Jane's hashtags are trended worldwide with the help of her dawgs and 5H interviews are GIF'ed as soon as they hit Youtube.

You're not seen as a real Harmonizer if you don't ship at least two of the girls together. They love Normani's twerk, Lauren's beanie, Camila's butt, Dinah Jane's duck face and Ally's height. Harmonizers had endless inside jokes such as: pepeca, prying, Nutella, #BLOCKED, open doors, the Dinah Dance, etc. If you're a Harmonizer, you're very likely to become lesbian for one or all of the girls. Until Booty Pop Madness is released, Harmonizers will impatiently remain reblogging each other on Tumblr, trending worldwide on Twitter and twerking their life away.

- pce n blessinz
by Booty Pop Madness June 02, 2013

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