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A complete and total myth. Often a euphemism for a gold digger.

Playerettes do not exist in reality, but girls who say "Yes" a lot to certain men do.

To be a Player one must abide by the rules of The Game; women are not entirely bounded by the rules of The Game because women, taken as a whole, create and edit the rules which men (potential Players) must abide by and/or manipulate in order to attract women. Like sports authorities, be they umpires, referees or whatever, women are involved in The Game (like the players in the sport) but are simultaneously exempt from the particular set of rules that govern the players because the referees must follow different rules. All the rules that govern how men must act in order to create attraction with women, collectively taken, comprise a significant part of what is commonly referred to as The Game.

Women are almost entirely exempt from *those rules* of seduction. This is evidenced by the fact that any woman could walk around begging sex from any man and almost every woman would discover that a fairly large number of men would go for it -- far, far fewer men could ever achieve this with any significant amount of women.
The closest thing to a Playerette would be a woman who purposely and convincingly disguises herself like a man and uses the methods of the Player in order to attract women.
by Booty Baron July 08, 2009
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