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The amount of times a man or woman creates conversation with the other sex and either makes friends or scores. Referred to as an achronym, the ftf ratio tracks the consistency and strength of any person's pick up skills.
Ellsworth's friend to fuck ratio couldn't be lower if he was asexual. He has been instantly thrust into any woman's friend zone.
by Boonville All Star May 12, 2009
The amount of years a baseball player used steroids during his career. Some players juiced for their entire careers while some came up too late and was only allowed steroid usage until 2003.
Alex Rodriguez juicage is unmatched. From high school until 2003 he was a monster due to steroids and stimulants.
by Boonville All Star May 12, 2009
The act of one or both drunks in a bar consistently making out for hours. No matter what song or situation, they continue to make out through the confusion. Through beer breath and goggles, the two continue to be joined at the tongue.
Dinger was blacked out last night and faceraped that girl all night long. His tongue must be sore because that was a three hour workout.
by Boonville All Star May 11, 2009
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