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(Aw-God-Damnit) Occurs When The User Of The Word; Or The "Potty Mouth" Becomes So Unbelievably Annoyed And Fed The Fuck Up To The Point Where This Standard Phrase Of Frustration-Cussing, Is Quickly Blurted Out Of The Users Mouth In An Angry, Unpronounced,Gibberish-Mumble.
This Word Was First Used By Randy Marsh From South Park, Colorado.
Tokes: "Ayo Man Yo Bong Water Stank"
Smokes: "God Damnit"
Tokes: "Ay Man That Shit Jus Spilt On Yo Carpet"
Smokes: "Aw...God Dammit"
Tokes: "Ayooo U Done Spilt Bong Water On Yo Weed Nigg"
Smokes: "AWGGHODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!"
Smokes: (Punches Baby In The Face From Frustration)
by BoonDoooooooooock December 12, 2007

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