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A person who only eats hairless pussy.
Michael became a brazilarian after a bad experience with a bearded clam.
#pussy #cunnilingus #michael #brazillian #shaved #waxed #jess
by Boomerang February 07, 2011
farting or crop dusting in a moving elevator, or just before exiting an elevator. crop dusting
I had the nastiest chinese buffet guts from lunch today. I saw my old boss in the elevator back at work and helicroptered the shit out of her. I work on the 2nd floor and she had to ride with that fart all the way up to 23.
#crop dust #fart #crop dusting #elevator #helicopter
by boomerang May 11, 2013
To go all out. No holding back.
As Allan lined up at the start he was pumped, he was going to give it herbs.
by Boomerang May 23, 2005
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