31 definitions by Boomer

syn.: for sure, meaning, no doubt can be had.
It's off the heezi in this peezi, fasheezi!
by Boomer January 14, 2000
Playa greeting--'cos with real ballers, they always know what's -up-.
Long time no see, homie, what-what?
by Boomer January 14, 2000
affirmation; suggestion of encouragement, approval, or interest.
"We be dubbin! And we's gonna bounce to play pool later..."
by Boomer December 09, 1999
acronym for Scared N----- Against Getting Got, from Tash's album..."Rap Life"
You got yo' SNAGG goggles on, foo?
by Boomer May 04, 2000
v. to contact or communicate with, esp. after a long absence of communication
"I holla at my friends when it's time to hook it up at Lyon's."
by Boomer December 15, 1999
low down and funky, but knee deep enough to ride to.
slumpin' beats and phat tracks as we spin da wax...
by Boomer December 09, 1999
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