1 definition by Booman P-7 June16, 2006

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Richmond Cali. (In Contra Costa County) "is a former shipbuilding boomtown turned Ghetto".
Richmond is known as the Iron Triangle, The Rich ,Dodge cityIt has four sides to it North Richmond NORTH, Central RichmondC-SIDE, South Richmond SOUTHSIDE and Point Richmond (not mentioned) but known for three. Although getting "hyphy" is more of a Bay Area word defining getting ignorant, drunk/high, and quite violent within a group of friends to most thugs in the game hyphy is a way of life and just having fun. Richmond is ranked the most violent do to the fact that The Rich is not as large as most cities in The Bay but have alot of killings, if you ran across a Richmond cat you know. Richmond has it own set of rules.
Richmond Cali is a city not some district in San Fransico
by Booman P-7 June16, 2006 June 16, 2006
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