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the incorrect spellin of the greatest rock and roll band in the entire world. you obviously dont like led zeppelin if you are reading this.
I looked up Led Zepelin and I feel stupid now because your supposed to spell it Led Zeppelin.
by Boom Houser February 15, 2005
A man unlike any other man. He is a hero to all and a great role model for todays kids. He loves to drink beer, smoke ciggarettes, and have sex with women of all ages. He is also very proficcient in the art of laying tile. Is also known for such great phrases as "What the fuck?!?!?", "Fuck You!!!", and the ever popular "Shut the fuck up!!!"
Do you think The Genius is free to tile my house this weekend?

Maybe on Monday. This weekend he is going to Henneseys with his drinking buddies to smoke cigs, drink beer, and hit on women.
by Boom Houser February 08, 2005
a place where there are a lot of cool people. also a place where there are a lot of idiots. home of the state beach rats. also home to the state beach posers. also the home of the genius, the hero of carlsbad.
The Genius was drinkin and smokin camel lights at Neimans in downtown Carlsbad when some state beach posers walked by and The Genius told them all to go have sex with their boyfriends.
by Boom Houser February 07, 2005

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