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Skinny for clockwatch... usually consulted when a hot female walks by. Sometimes people like to show off their cackwatches in public.
1. Mmm... damn bro what time you got on the cackwatch?
Hmm it's 5 'o Cock (She's a five).

2. Say girl, check out ma cackwatching watch cack watcher...
by Booloo April 30, 2005
Used to described doing nothing and being bored doing it - part of the 'eliminate the L' campaign of speech impediment lingo.

Can be interpreted as 'Walk the Dog' (doing nothing) or 'Wack the Dag' (masturbating).

Is said with a Baaston slur (like the ad campaign for Maker's Mark which spelled the name Makeh's Maak)

See also: Cackwatch
What's up man?
Damn I'm sitting at home loaded waaking the daag to the TV.
by Booloo April 30, 2005

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