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4 definitions by BookerTDub

City of Millions is a nickname of City of Carlsbad, in the state of California. The City of Millions is known for having reputation of having number of citizens who are well off financially. Carlsbad also has a reputation of sound fiscal discipline and has a rainy day reserve fund in the event of a budget shortfall. The City of Millions is able to provide this since it has numerous sources of tax revenue from various supermarkets, businesses, and hotels. As a result the City of Millions is able to provide high quality parks, law enforcement, fire, and paramedic services. The city is also well known for having high quality roads that don't have potholes unlike Oceanside or Encinitas. Overall Carlsbad is a fantastic place to live in and better than Encinitas.
Adam takes numerous trips to the City of Millions to get away from that clusterfuck known as Encinitas.
by BookerTDub December 28, 2009
when a shady, scheisty, or questionable individual walks into a fastfood restaurant and refills their cup with their beverage of choice in a different fastfood branded cup than the restaurant they're in, and walks out of the restaurant.
While dining at the McDonalds across Figueroa Street from USC in Los Angeles, J.R. and I noticed a questionable individual making an illegal beverage acquistion with an In-N-Out cup. The individual in question was successful in his illegal beverage acquisition, had a look on his face as if to say, "There's nothing to see here, move along." Needless to say the questionable individual did not issue McDonalds a Mc Thank You.
by bookerTdub March 14, 2010
When a snowstorm or series of snowstorms hit the New England region causing buildings to collapse under the weight of the accumulated snow. Thus the end result of the collapsed building is the same of that as an earthquake.
That Nor'easter sure did a total. It seems like after all these storms, a New England Earthquake hit and destroyed the buildings.
by bookertdub February 04, 2011
S.O.S.A. stands for Sort of Santa Ana. A weather term concocted by KUSI-TV lead weatherman, John Coleman. It describes conditions ripe for a Santa Ana, but without the strong winds that are normally associated with a true Santa Ana Wind. A S.O.S.A. has warm temperatures in the day with light offshore winds that keep the temperature moderated in the 70's along the coast and in the 80's along the inland areas of Southern California with low humidity, thus making the weather perfect in the region. Since S.O.S.A.s are light in winds they are less likely to spread wildfires around, thus making them easier to control unlike a true Santa Ana Wind.
Tom: "The weather sure was perfect today in the City of Millions."

Cody: "I think the weather was perfect due to a S.O.S.A. in the area. The waves were topping off just perfectly in the City of Millions State Beach."

Tom: "Just another day in Southern California."
by BookerTdub December 31, 2009