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Finest cuban cigars, rolled between the thighs of naked virgins. Sold in the walk in humidor on the Highway.
Jimskey Gaidmonds does not partake in these.
See also, fever, chocolate fever, angus, angry angus
Let's go to Spearmints, smoke some fat cubanos and get the fever on.

It's half time, get the cubanos in you fag.
by boohog June 08, 2004
When a man obsessed by the chocolate women enters the stages of fever.
Particularly common amongst big hairy Swedes.
See also angus, angry angus, booka, chat, cubano
Angus the Bavarian saw a hot black girl in Spearmints from the corner of his eye.
Immediately he jumped from his seat, pulled his wallet from his pocket, grabbed her and her chocolate sister and gave them copious amounts of money to disrobe in his presence. Whilst smoking a cubano.
The chocolate fever had set in.
by boohog June 08, 2004
Cross between Jim from American Pie and Emile Heskey.

Complete inability to pull birds, followed by massive lack of confidence, then the Bambi on ice skates effect and the inevitable falling over.

Also see gaidmonds and gaids.
Jimskey: 'Hey baby, you is hot!'
Chick: 'Fuck off JIMSKEY'
Jimskey: 'Whoaaa', slip, CRACK
Chick: 'What a fucking JIMskey'.

You are a fucking JIMskey.
by boohog June 07, 2004
Anal rape, but worse because it is administered by your boss.
Mohsin couldn't get out of work again. He was in for Maximo Rapao from his boss Leeroy.
by Boohog June 03, 2004
The very definition of a loser who can't pull. Except men. So has gaids.
Also see Jimskey.
Tony gAIDmonds is a homosexual, a homosexual, a homosexual
by boohog June 04, 2004
The act of putting snus up your angus
Johan was walking like John Wayne down the the 18th tee because he'd been snangusing all morning.
by Boohog June 03, 2004
See gaids, angus, angry angus, fever and chocolate fever.
And probably gaidmonds and jimskey too.
bird: 'I want to fuck you'
gAIDS: 'Are you sure you wouldn't prefer a chat? Or a nice glass of wine perhaps?'
by boohog June 08, 2004

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