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To stare at someone who is obviously wrong, lying, inappropriate, or asking you something you will never answer. The blank stare continues until they realize their mistake and the awkwardness reaches fever pitch.
So, he said he called, but since there was no record of this on my caller id, no missed calls on my cell, and no message on either phone, I blank-faced him until he admitted that he had meant to call me but hadn't actually called me.
by Boogiedownbronx May 28, 2009
The inability to raise, lower, turn, and/or control your own head due to weak, injured, or insufficient neck muscle
Since she was notoriously clumsy, she tended to avoid newborns during their floppy head disease stage. It was really in everyone's best interest.

After being slammed to the ground repeatedly during the women's tackle football game, when she couldn't pick her own head up off of the pillow, she realized with a sinking feeling that she had adult onset floppy head disease.
by Boogiedownbronx June 03, 2013

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