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1 definition by Boodda

–Adjective (duff)

-Noun (duff)
a nonsensical object or mass

-Verb (present-tense: duff past-tense: duffed)
to act without any sense of tact

-Adverb (duffly)
clumsily, without purpose or explanation

-Unit of Measurement (duffs)
a span of 10 decibels
"I dunno man... that steak looked pretty damn-diggedy duff..."

"Stop being such a lousy duff!"

"Remember that time Steve duffed lucratively for hours?!"

"He duffly fell in to the clearly labeled and fenced off tub of acid"

"That fire alarm rang at at least 1.5 duffs! It gave me otomycosis."

"that duff duff duffly duffed at 50 duffs!"
by Boodda November 10, 2008
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