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A phonic substitution of 'e' in the name Dennis. It usually coincides with predominantly large doses of Demerol given during labor pains. The name is a modern adaptation of the Greek God Dionysus. God of the grape harvest, winemaking, ritual madness, and ecstasy. Men with the name Dennis, and Dennes are fabulous lovers and exhibit intoxicating mannerisms. They are often found to be laid back and easy going, with an emphasis put on pleasure. If you happen to find a Dennes you will also note his extraordinary good looks and suave demeanor.
Father " What shall we name this magical son of ours?"

Mother " Oh, the pain the pain, Call him Dennes I don't care give me more Demerol!"

Father " ok ok jeez!"

Suzy Q " Dennes took me out last night, and I can't believe how fun it was"

Sally F " What? he took me out the night before I hate you bitch!"
by Booberdoober September 16, 2011

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