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Writing something on facebook that is not interesting in any way. Writing something that everyone else does everyday just so you can have an update on everyone's wall. For someone to get a little bit of attention.
A lamebooking Facebook status update:
"Wanda Henrickson -just got home from work"
comment: "Sarah Smith- who the f cares!

Status update: "Wanda Henrickson- is doing her homework"
comment: "Sarah smith- seriously, who the f cares"
#waste of web space #boring #douchebag #attention getter #annoying
by Boob's McGee February 13, 2010
A person whose does not conform to a male or female gender role and also has pubic lice. A trans-gender with crabs.
Don't have sex with Pat he or she is a crabgender, unless you like pubic lice then by all means go right ahead.
#transgender #crabgina #ambiguous genitalia #crabtacular #bisexual
by Boob's McGee February 13, 2010
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