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Man, he has bOOBS...
by Boob Man August 19, 2003
Verb: To Kronwall someone is to hit someone in hockey so hard that you injure them or take them out using the backside of your body to transfer more force to the person you're Kronwalling.
(When you're teammate Kronwalls someone) "Holy crap dude! He just got Kronwalled!"

(When you're chirping a player) "Hey bud, you best watch your mouth or I will Kronwall you."
by Boob man August 31, 2012
The mental disorder of having an addiction to Pheobe from the classic comedy sketch Friends.
"Oh my gosh bro you must have Pheobocity because she is all over your room.
by Boob man December 19, 2011
Liam Stewart went here, and Kenny Williams managed to be accepted into here. Enough said.
Guy #1: Dude, did you here about Mt St Joseph high school's new football unis?
Guy #2: Yeah, but Kenny Williams went there so who cares
by Boob man October 13, 2013
The slow process of one male turning into a beta-male, or a "pussy". This process usually takes about a year, but it can take up to 3 years to take full effect or down to 1 week for the process to go on.
Mom: "Son, what has gotten into you? You don't even go to the gym anymore. You're really turning into a beta-male."

Son: "I know, and I'm sorry mom. It's the pussification getting to me after my girlfriend broke up with me."
by Boob man January 30, 2015

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