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3 definitions by Bonz142

When a girl is giving a guy head/cranium/dome/a bj, she slaps the guy's balls in a fanning matter from side to side as if she has just smelt a bad odor.

"That slut gave me the temptation. I went wild."
by Bonz142 March 20, 2008
7 3
A term often used to represent superior quality. It is often used by dirt hippies, African Americans or "Ballers".
"Dat shit was da dankums!"
by Bonz142 March 20, 2008
2 1
When a girl grasps a mans testicles, jumbles them for a matter of seconds, and quickly releases them to have a dropping effect.
"I was with this girl all night and she gave me the ol' Jumble Drop!"
by Bonz142 March 20, 2008
1 1