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The process by which fois gras is made. Force feeding. Is also a technique connected with very small babies who won't feed.
Someone: "I don't eat fois gras because it's made using the technique known as gavage"
Someone else: "I'll give you a pound if you can spell gavage"
by Bonny Lad2 January 12, 2006
Bargainous. Thrifty. Of excellent value.
"99p for a bacon double cheeseburger? Man, that is so bargane!"
by Bonny Lad2 January 12, 2006
As well as referring to the famous rapper, "biggie" also refers to the Bigg Market, a drinking area in Newcastle, England. Late night revellers frequent this den of iniquity with playful abandon, enjoying drink, kebabs, and regular arrests.
Charver: "Let's gan to the biggie"
Other Charver: "Aye, sound"
by Bonny Lad2 January 12, 2006
Northern England variation of out.
Wife: "D'ya fancy stayin' in the neet pet an' watchin fillums an' that?"
Husband: "Nee chance pet, i'm gannin oot the neet"
Wife: (sobs) (etc)
by Bonny Lad2 January 12, 2006
Northern England variation of night.
Man: "Where do you wanna gan the neet?"
Man2: "Doon the Biggie, and howk dafties till ah faal awwa an get nicked by the bizzies"
Man: "Champion" (etc)
by Bonny Lad2 January 12, 2006
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