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A psychological disorder characterized by an overwhelming belief, additude or behavior that one has been anointed to a false messianic-like level as to command or demand unquestioning adoration, approval and power.
His narcissistic arrogance, lust for control, and unfounded demand for unearned respect and approval upon rising to a position of authority and power demonstrated he was suffering from an Obama-complex.
by BonnieBlue May 24, 2009
1) Abnormally frequent oral evacuations from Vice President Joseph Biden.

2) The mess resulting from Joe Biden's frequent uncontrallably episodes of running off at the mouth.
When U.S. V.P. Joe Biden disclosed the location of the secret bunker beneath the V.P. residence at the Naval Observatory to dinnermates at the Gridiron Club he was obviously suffering from yet another case of Bidenarrhea.
by BonnieBlue May 18, 2009
Acronym for: Chief Marxist of the United States
By encouraging views of Capitalism as evil, by increasing taxes to "re-distribute the wealth" of the country, by taking over the privately held auto and financial industries of the USA and placing them into government receivership without Constitutional authority, by attempting taking away freedom of choice in health care decisions by the individual and punishing the productive and self-reliant, Barack H. Obama, currently occupying the office of POTUS, has proven himself CMOTUS.
by BonnieBlue August 02, 2009

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