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to get corsaired: When one looks good on paper and gets interviews for a job, but completely fails to convert a single interview into a job offer due to a lack of personality or social skills. Especially used in context of on-campus interviews for post-graduation recruiting, whether for college, law school, business school, graduate school, job fairs, or anywhere one has the opportunity to interview with multiple employers for entry-level positions.
A: "What are you doing after graduation?"
B: "I don't know yet...still looking for jobs."
A: "I thought you had a lot of interviews? That sucks."
B: "I don't know what happened. I'm graduating summa cum laude, too"
A: "What happened is you got cosaired."


X: "Do I come off as socially awkward to you?"
Y: "No...why do you ask?"
X: "Well I have a few interviews coming up and I'm afraid of getting corsaired."
by Bonnie Pruitt June 30, 2010
picwhore (verb): to post pictures of oneself on an internet forum in an attempt to draw attention to oneself, usually done by lonely nerds with no friends to fish for comments from other lonely nerds with no friends

picwhore (noun): one who picwhores
DF: poast pix
HG: hehehe here's a pic of me straddling a chair do you guys like
Lb: omg she is soooooo hot
MC: no she is a picwhore


JH: *posts pictures of self*
LJ: you look like you're going to eat the cameraman
JH: *posts another pic* how about in this one?
LJ: you still look like you're going to eat the cameraman
JH: *posts another pic* do i really look like that???
LJ: stop picwhoring JH, you aren't going to change my opinion
by Bonnie Pruitt June 30, 2010
booerotica: erotica written by an internet forum poster involving other posters of the same internet forum engaging in sexual conduct, which usually serves to alleviate or make fun of sexual tension between the featured posters. These posters will usually later meet in real life and enact scenes straight from the erotica, giving it a prophetic quality.
JH: please write a booerotica featuring me CC and HG
boo: sure, but there also needs to be some cock in there so you'll have to pick a male poster to join in the fun
by Bonnie Pruitt June 30, 2010

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