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what lames call hung fu
When we were leaving the theatre after seeing that movie 'Slouchin' Liger Skid and Drag-on' this lame behind me was like 'That was some awesome Wire Fu!'... so I showed him what Hung Fu is all about and delivered a triple axle roundhouse kick to the side of his dome, but only after I hovered in mid-air for about 2 and a half seconds.
/noun/ 1.)Crazy-fake-Kung-Fu-martial-arts-type stuff that you see in a movie, where the actors are obviously suspended from wires. (aka wire fu but if you call it that you're lame.)

/verb/ 2.)unleashing some serious whup-ass on someone that is so horrific it's as if you had some skills in magic or were suspended by wires like they are doing in all those movies now.
1.)Yo, did you see that movie with all that crazy Hung Fu shit?! They was all fightin' in the tree tops, and then this asian chick was like 'damn, I can't defeat you' and she flew on outta there with a quickness.

2.) I don't know what happened?! Sebastian called this dude's girl a skank-ho, so the dude spun around, jumped like ten feet in the air, and landed a kick to the side of his jaw. Sebastian is dead now, that was some serious Hung Fu shit. I feel bad for Sebastian's parents, his face was pretty much destroyed and they can't even have an open casket funeral for him now.
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