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2 definitions by Bonne Jovi

A phrase used to describe many aspects of a game of beer pong - more specifically a game of beer pong in which all of the participants are already thoroughly intoxicated.

It can be shouted to one's teammates to mean beer pong, i forgive you, cheers, or you're my best friend ever.
Hey man, wanna play some phong long?

Aw, shit man, drink up - phong long!

Sorry about that one dude, thought we had it..
No worries man - phong long!

I can't believe we won again man, phong long!
by Bonne Jovi August 14, 2010
When you use multiple computer screens to watch different porn at the same time, so that you imagine yourself in an orgy with all of them.
Dude, I just bought a third monitor for the sole purpose of having a porngy.

Forever alone, bro. Forever alone.
by Bonne Jovi October 28, 2013