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A small, cone shaped, rolled up strip of cardboard which is placed at the mouth-end of a joint, often made out of the little flap on rizla boxes. A roach serves various purposes, it;
- Stops your weed fallin out
-If someone bums it (slobers on the end) it stops the soggy paper from falling apart
-It gives your spliff a standard cone shape, which is almost impossible to achieve without a roach
'Aye yo man, iz u got a roach?'
'For real' *rips strip off rizla box lid

'I smoked that spliff right down to the roach'
by bOnGwAtEr September 21, 2003
ones homegrown cannabis plants
yo bredrin de feds came las night tryin 2 tax up ma crops
by bOnGwAtEr September 12, 2003
horrible runny shyt; anal leakage
Eating WOW potato chips may cause mud butt.
by Bongwater April 15, 2004
past tense of the verb "shit"
While walking through the mall,Kelly's mom tore ass and shat herself.
by Bongwater April 15, 2004
a pirate explative
Yarr, I be the Butt Pirate looking for me booty
by Bongwater April 15, 2004

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