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When you take a shit and then put it in some one's microwave and then start the timer
So I was rimming this fat bitch and then I started doing her up the ass. She started bleeding and was totally freaking out about it so I got pissed and went downstairs and gave her a nuclear carl: I also killed her cat.
by Bongman7 April 24, 2006
Dicklomatic immunity applies to all the sexual things that one can do to another person without getting in trouble. This is most often established between couples. This also applies to sexual things you are allowed to do to another person while they are unconscious.
My girlfriend said I could cockslap her whenever I wanted, I've been waiting for my dicklomatic immunity on that.
by Bongman7 October 16, 2006
It's a variation on the famous rope-a-dope executed by Ali. When you as a man are being raped by another man you save up your energy and allow them to rape you. Then, when they are tired, you rape them back. Harder.
This cocky midget tried to rape this one night so I pulled a rape-a-dope on him.
by Bongman7 September 03, 2006
This is a sexual maneuver that can only be accomplished with a woman missing both legs. The legless woman will be on top in the traditional front facing cowgirl stance. The man will then use his arms to spin the woman quickly while still maintinaing her up and down motion. This can be accmplished due her decreased body weight. If balance is an issue, the man can stand over the woman with the top of her head on the ground for stability. Her body can then be spun in a similar manner.
Some trick asked me if I would rather have sex with a woman with no arms and no legs, I told her "Obviously I would choose the woman with no legs! I could employ the kurtzman."
by Bongman7 November 30, 2006
A male prostitute with special features. These men are always circumcised and often overcharge. Common features include curled locks, large noses and ears as well as propensity for mathematics.
This jewgolo told me it would cost $20 dollars, but I ended up paying $55. It almost felt like I was the one who got fucked in the ass.
by Bongman7 November 30, 2006
Herpes, on your face.
I would totally make out with a really hot girl at the supermarket, unless she had ferpes.
by BongMan7 June 08, 2006
Its a special variation of blue balls when you have a raging blue balls hard on but you need to pee really bad also. But you can't pee until your boner goes down. yellow + blue = green balls
I never should have tried to have sex before the funeral, it never works. Now I have the worst green balls and my bladder is going to be exploding for all of Uncel Mort's stupid eulogy speech. Thanks a lot Mom.
by Bongman7 January 30, 2011

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