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4 definitions by Bong Joos

A prelude to a juicy wet poo poo that are notorious for leaving wet brown marks in the drawers.
I gotta get to the shitta mad quick cuz i got some serious hershey squirts that could go full blown dirty crap in my pants!
by Bong Joos November 26, 2003
The act of sexual intercourse
Yo foo me and yo momma, we played jumangi last night. Yeeeah!
by Bong Joos November 26, 2003
A homosexual, one who engages in backdoor.
Yo you see those two froots kissing in the hot tub? What a bunch of butt pirates!
by Bong Joos November 27, 2003
A chunk of feces, usually when nutty.
"I found some cocao puffs on the ground, score!!!" "MMMMMHHHH Tasty"

"Dude that wasn't the cacoa puffs it was a poo nugget!!"

"It was still good."
by Bong Joos November 26, 2003