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3 definitions by BondDave

A term made for a documentary-style recording of videos and interviews during a bondage/fetish shoot. Not just for adult entertainment, but to inform and educate about the people within the videos.
That History of Shibari movie was interesting. It wasn't porn, it was a bondumentary.
by BondDave August 11, 2011
A measure of outrageousness in situations, people, actions or locations that are far beyond the norm, causing people to exclaim "What the fuck!?"
The remake of the movie Footloose into a film about country music has reached a new level in Whatthefuckitude.
by BondDave September 28, 2011
A question and exclamation describing the negative in something, showing a measure of something that sucks.
This month's movies has country fried remakes of Footloose, steampunk Musketeers and a whiny emo soundtrack to the game Batman Arkham City. What the suck!??
by BondDave October 20, 2011