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The physical manifestation of sheer awesomeness.

Alternative Definition - When your boss gets really mad at and starts yelling at you and spit gets on your face from them yelling so hard.
(Observer #1) - Wow, that guy is badass. Look at how he commands the world.

(Observer #2) - Ya, he really has the Boss Sauce spread on thick.


My boss was so pissed at my screw up....I'm covered in Boss Sauce from that toungue lashing.
by Bond, James Bong January 16, 2013
Also sometimes known as the powder room, the Mogul Slopes are where bar patrons and party goers go to snort cocaine.
Sam was having a boring night at the club, so she and Angela went into the mogul slopes to brighten their night.
by Bond, James Bong January 16, 2013

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