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The thing you say when you know you're wrong but just wanna waste someone's time.
Me: I'm telling you, Patrick Duffy played Spiderman.
You: Umm. No. He did not.
Me: Look it up.
You: Sigh..
by Bonch Nifkin July 20, 2011
Derogatory slang for "Kentucky".
Oh man, does anything not suck ass in this state? No wonder they call it Shittucky.
by Bonch Nifkin June 16, 2011
Looks like a pinneapple, smells like an onion. Or vice versa.
May also be used in reference to a mother's vagina.
Me: What is that smell..?
Mother: What smell, sweetie?
Me: Oh gawd.. did you forget to clean your pinnonion today??
by Bonch Nifkin February 13, 2013
What one really means when they type or say "LOL".
Acronym: STS.
Bob: "That was hilarious!! *Laugh out loud*"
Bill: "It was alright. *Snicker to self*"
by Bonch Nifkin January 21, 2013
A novelty item that is attached to a vehicle's trailer hitch.
Cindy: "I just got some Bumper Boobs, and I'm gonna put 'em on my truck hitch."
Darryl: "They're just like my Truck Nuts."
by Bonch Nifkin January 21, 2013
Person who doesn't favor any side in politics
Barbie: Who are you voting for, Ken?
Ken: Yeeeah, I don't care for any of them.
Barbie: Gawsh, you're such a Republicrat.
by Bonch Nifkin August 04, 2011
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