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An exciting, fast paced and skillful game played in Australia, primarily in the southern states and out towards the west. hated by most people from New South Wales and Queensland, who much prefer rugby league and union, both great codes in themselves.

Australian Rules is designed to reward attacking style play, rather than defending ones own goal. this leads to high scoring matches, especially since a goal is worth 6 points.

unique in the way in which the game rewards a miss on goal with a solitary point, but is fantastic in that it leads to sides coming back from less than a goal down to win a game with a shot on goal once the final siren has sounded - as thrilling as any football ("soccer" *groans*) penalty.

currently 16 teams exist in the game, but will soon be 18, as new sides are being assembled in western Sydney and the Gold Coast. i wish them luck - they're gonna fuckin need it having 3 people show up to each home game.

Despite what many other AFL fans say, i will tell you straight up that the sport is not, and will not, be big outside Australia any time soon. and btw yes i am a very passionate AFL supporter.

A fantastic sport for the millions of passionate fans, i strongly recommend you look into it, you'll most likely either love it, or become confused and angered by it.
Me - "went to the Anzac day game yesterday"

Some bloke "Australian Rules Football? any good?"

Me - "Essendon beating Collingwood in front of 90,000+ people? of course it was fucking good, go play in traffic.
by Bomberfan July 15, 2008
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