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When you are killed in a FPS game viciously, sometimes you get gibbed.
Gibs are pieces of corpse that fly around over the scene after a brutal death.
I just fragged that idiot with my rocket launcher, gibs flew all over the place.
by Bomba-clat, Rasta-Clat October 30, 2004
=Rastafarians Clothing.
Hey, that dude is wearing some cool Rastaclat
by Bomba-clat, Rasta-Clat October 29, 2004
When you receive a bloodclot in any of your main arteries a serious heart condition or death can occur.
If you suspect a bloodclot see your doctor immediately.
Hey that man has a bloodclot in his heart.
by Bomba-clat, Rasta-Clat October 29, 2004

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