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A person who prior to the playoffs, did not support nor cheer for a team until that team showed promise to win the championship.
Randy and Ryan are low dow rotten bandwagon jumpers becuase they started to cheer for the Carolina Hurricanes when they made the Stanley Cup final!
by Bomb Bender July 05, 2006
A big, flat ass that shows no sign of where the back ends and the legs begin.
Hey, our waitress has a pizza box ass! Can't tap that.
by Bomb Bender July 06, 2006
Low German for - SMOKE - Slang word for a cigarette or the act of smoking a cigarette. Common in low german speaking areas like Paraguay, Steinbach, Winkler, ALtona, Grunthal, & Morden Manitoba.
Hey, lets got for a smake once!
by Bomb Bender May 13, 2009
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